No one can become world-class in any industry without becoming a great leader. Becoming world-class is a prolonged journey, which needs motivation on a consistent basis. We need motivation to:

  • Believe in our potential,
  • Accept our uniqueness,
  • Aim high,
  • Overcome challenges the new era poses, and
  • Tap into the opportunities the 21st C presents.

As an international leadership expert and speaker, Dr. AZ understands the importance of powerful and customized speeches to inspire and challenge your leaders at all levels to believe that they are world-class material. They can be one of the greats in their field of choice.

Using stories of world-class leaders from diverse cultures, he inspires leaders to drop some of the excuses they may use to lower their bar and remain averages (even underdogs) such as:

  • I’m not born a leader;
  • Even if I believe I’m a leader, I don’t have what it takes to become world-class;
  • Even if I believe that I can become world-class in my own unique way, I don’t know how I can become one; and so on.   

Dr. AZ’s speeches are filled with stories of great ones and world-class leaders. In his jampacked highly motivational and informative speeches, he also:.

  • Presents latest insights,
  • Shares metaphors, and case studies,
  • Provides practical models, tools, approaches, strategies, and tactics that can be used right away to see some meaningful results.

As a leadership expert who spent more than 2 decades conducting researches, studying world-class leaders from diverse cultures and industries, and providing leadership programs in some government agencies, major corporations, and community organizations, Dr. AZ designs and offers keynote speeches that empower leaders to develop:

  • The right mindset,
  • Necessary competencies, and
  • Solid personality and character to lead successfully in their respective industry.

Below are some of the topics for your conferences, summits, seminars, and events:

Theme: Leadership Development
Type: Keynote or Motivational Speech
Time: 30 – 90 minutes
Format: In-person or virtually

1. Key Traits of World-class Leaders of the 21st Century

Subtitle: 9 attributes necessary to raise world-class leaders of the 21st century

Very few organizations and communities are tapping into the golden opportunities the 21st century presents and overcoming its challenges by raising world-class leaders. On the other hand, though many organizations and communities are investing in their leaders and hoping their leaders to transform their organizations and communities, sadly, most are equipping their leaders with the same attributes that enabled the 20th-century leaders to succeed. As a result, they are unable to fully benefit from their investment in their leaders.

In this program, Dr. AZ inspires, inform, challenge, and equip your people to aspire to become world-class in what they do. He:

  • Highlights how leadership is an integral part of humanity, and it was, is, and will remain relevant in every home, community, organization, and nation.
  • Acknowledges the fact that leadership, whether in 1000 BC or 1st or 21st C, makes or breaks. It is responsible for where a given individual, home, community, and nation is right now. It will also decide where one ends up in the future where we cannot ignore or neglect it and expect to succeed individually or corporately. 
  • Encourages your people to tap into the opportunities the 21st-century offers and tackle the challenges it presents, organizations, communities, and nations by becoming world-class leaders by developing the 9 key leadership attributes that empower them to excel in this generation.
  • Explains that every century has its own world-class leaders. Each generation is faced with new challenges and presented with new opportunities. Leaders in each generation enabled their generation to tap into the opportunities and overcome the challenges.

As an experienced leadership expert, Dr. AZ will empower your leaders to go beyond the 20th-century mindset, competencies, and personality to world-class leaders of the 21st century. 

At the end of the program, participants will:

  • Realize that the 21st century is unique and different from its predecessors.
  • Audit and see if they are still dependent on the principles and perspectives of the past century.
  • Begin developing the necessary leadership attributes very relevant and mandatory in the 21st century.
  • Be clear about the 9 key attributes they should have individually and collectively.
  • Get the opportunity to refine some of these key attributes they already have and begin to develop the ones they lack.
  • Acquire some strategies and tactics to keep developing and refining the 9 must-have marks of word-class leaders of the 21st century.

This speech is relevant for both aspiring and seasoned leaders alike in any industry who would like to become world-class in the 21st century. 

2. Holistic Leadership Development to Raise World-class Leaders

Subtitle: How to design leadership programs that can raise world-class leaders at all levels

Almost all leadership experts agree that leaders are made, and like other endeavors, it needs some proactive and intentional works. Many organizations and communities, though they understand that the stake is high in the 21st century and they need to raise world-class leaders, they are using the same kinds of leadership development programs. Thus, they aren’t getting the world-class results they anticipate from their investments in their leaders at all levels. 

In this program, Dr. AZ inspires, inform, challenge, and equip your people to aspire to become world-class in what they do. He:

  • Recognizes that there is no scarcity of leaders nor leadership development programs.
  • Acknowledges that many organizations and communities invest in their leaders though there are still gaps and they must invest more.
  • Reveals what may be is missing in many of the leadership development programs.
  • Shared the major elements that should be included and some considerations to take into account to design their leadership development programs.
  • Offers a framework for holistic leadership development to raise world-class leaders.

As an international leadership expert for over a decade, who designs and delivers leadership development programs for some government agencies, corporations, and community organizations, Dr. AZ will equip your leaders to recognize the kind of leadership development programs they need to design if their desire is to raise world-class leaders.

At the end of the program, participants will:

  • Recognize the key attributes every leader should develop.
  • Identify the three evolutions every leader should pass through.
  • Appreciate the 3 stages every leader is going to pass.
  • Incorporate the above elements as they design (redesign) leadership development programs to become world-class and raise world-class leaders.
  • Know in which stage and evolution of leadership they are at and the key leadership attributes they have developed.
  • Succeed at the stage they are at and prepare to excel at the next stage of their leadership growth.

3. Turn conflicts into opportunities

Subtitle: How to excel in dealing with conflicts and negotiating like world-class do to achieve win-win deals
In this presentation, based on his book ‘Soft Skills That Make or Break Your Success’, Dr. AZ empowers your leaders to develop the right mindset and the necessary competencies to turn conflicts into opportunities. He inspires them to refrain from fearing nor hiding from conflicts, but rather turn conflicts into opportunities. AZ also equips participants to excel in negotiating to address those issues that require giving and taking to reach win-win deals.

At the end of the presentation, participants will:

  • Understand the importance of dealing with conflict is important for every organization no matter what the size since if it is left unchecked or not resolved it can lead to lost production, absences, attrition, and even lawsuits Appreciate the need to create a culture that encourages disagreements
  • Recognize the nature and sources of conflicts in their organization
  • Appreciate the different types of conflict resolution types
  • Get a workable formula to turn each conflict into an opportunity
  • Appreciate the basic types of negotiations, the phases of negotiations, and the skills needed for successful negotiating.
  • Create a culture that encourages organized disagreement and set ground rules to enable your team to challenge the status quo and inferior ideas to tap into their creativity and come up with better alternative ideas
  • Get a negotiation process with some basic bargaining techniques
  • Develop a set of skills in solution building and finding common ground.
  • Know how to lay the groundwork for negotiation
  • Apply negotiating concepts to create win-win deals

4. Manage Change and Crisis Smoothly and Smartly

Subtitle: Developing world-class mindset and putting in place robust systems and approaches to thrive amid change and crisis

In this presentation, based on an upcoming book in 2022 and his experience facilitating workshops for his clients for years, Dr. AZ empowers your leaders to excel in initiating, implementing and sustaining change both in times of peace and crisis. He also equips them to be quick and agile to respond to constant changes in technologies, systems, laws and regulations, and the needs and priorities of their people and customers.

At the end of the program, participants will:

  • Learn the similarities and differences between planned and unplanned changes.
  • Create a learning culture that grows to handle changes and crises.
  • Know the different phases of change and what they should do under each phase and how to initiate and implement changes as smoothly as possibly
  • Get some workable models and the different phases of change Understand the different types of resistance to change and overcome and go beyond resistance to change
  • Offers the latest insights, perspectives, and approaches to equip your leaders to become change agents
  • Equips your leaders to inspire stakeholders, rally team members, communicate effectively, overcome resistance to change, and more.
  • Use strategies for aligning people with a change and appeal to emotions and facts
  • Develop resilience and flexibility in times of change and crisis

5. Take your emotional fitness to the next level

Subtitle: How to improve your well-being and those you lead, and the success of the organization by developing world-class emotional resilience

In this presentation, based on his book ‘Soft Skills That Make or Break Your Success’ and his work as a certified emotional intelligence expert, Dr. AZ motivates and equips to manage one’s and the emotions of others to improve relationships, resilience, and ultimately advance the mission of the organization. He also empowers them to constantly upgrade their emotional fitness to succeed at the level of leadership they are in, the challenges they are facing, and the complexity of relationships involved.

At the end of the program, participants will:

  • Recognize the roles of well-managed emotions and the negative consequences of unmanaged emotions
  • Increase their emotional awareness by recognizing emotions that visit them frequently
  • Develop the competencies necessary to manage and express their emotions productively
  • Demonstrate empathy, demonstrate vulnerability, connect at the emotional level, invoke inspiration, and ultimately tap into the full potential of their team members
  • Keep work-life balance, handle stress, and excel in sharing their emotions while still calm
  • Learn how to tap into theirs and the emotions of others to improve performance
  • Develop resilience, especially in times of change and crisis

6. 360˚ Communication

Subtitle: Developing all-around world-class communication competencies for a healthy workplace and increased productivity

In this presentation, based on his book ‘Soft Skills That Makes or Breaks Your Success’, Dr. AZ emphasizes the critical role communication plays and the importance of becoming effective communicators at multiple levels in order to excel in 360 all-around communication both in-person and virtually. He also equips participants to overcome misunderstandings, miscommunications, and communication breakdowns, and take their communication competency to the next height.

Participants will learn:

  • Emphasizes the importance of connecting than just mere communication
  • Discusses that communication is a two-way street
  • Demonstrates the place of listening
  • Shows the different levels of listening
  • Explains Making tough conversations excellently
  • Encourages people to speak their mind, to listen, engage in tough conversations tactically and diplomatically without damaging relationships
  • Inspires to influence upward, break down silos by cross-pollinating, lead effective meetings to achieve productivity, present from the stage with confidence, and more

Note: We will work with your team to customize the above programs, and also create new ones that meet your needs.


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  • Travel and accommodations are extra
  • Traveling from Maryland

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By the way, Dr. AZ also speaks at your events based on one of the from his book:

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